The absence of metrics in the human factor can be the great disaster of your organization

Nov 18, 2021

The Human Resources area has always been an important pillar in companies, because it focuses its efforts on keeping people motivated, productive and with the intention of remaining in companies. Although this is not always so easy, HR knows its goal, but many times implementation strategies and technology tools represent a huge obstacle to achieve it.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, many companies were forced to change their working methods, and while productivity increased considerably, another without a number of problems came to light. Today, a record number of employees are resigning or seriously thinking about quitting soon. The health situation has left strong traces of unemployment due to staff cuts and if we consider that many workers are resigning on their own, this shows us a rather serious outlook in organizations.

More than 19 million American employees have resigned from their jobs since April 2021, and although the United States seems like a world isolated from Latin America, we actually think that this could be a sample of the probability of what is being experienced globally today.

Flight of talent

Retaining top talent is crucial, companies are struggling to tackle this problem. Many companies will continue to add time and effort without a clear solution, the reason? Because they don’t really understand why their employees are quitting in the first place.

“What is not defined cannot be measured. What is not measured cannot be improved” phrase by William Thomson Kelvin, British physicist and mathematician who makes it clear that measurement is essential in management. Especially in the implementation of continuous improvement. The absence of relevant data in companies is very common and leads to decision-making that in the long run doesn’t solve anything.

Some companies, instead of taking the time to investigate the causes of these defections, launch ineffective solutions based on assumptions that, although well intentioned, fail, such as increasing salary or offering bonuses. However, there are hundreds of variables that can intervene in the experience of employees with the organization and not only that can satisfy their needs for membership and collaboration.

Focusing on the experience of people, collaborators, clients, suppliers, can transform the way in which people live with the brand, strengthening business relationships and impacting all levels of the organization. Measuring the needs, desires, emotions and feelings of people through agile and efficient solutions, allows to reexamine and identify these trends and turn them into areas of opportunity, provide empathy, flexibility, connectivity, sense of unity and the purpose that people really yearns, turning the talent drain into a reasoned and meaningful attraction.

turn talent drain into reasoned attraction

Today HR tools must have the ability to satisfy the interface between the user and these systems, but additionally they must be able to collect information in real time that provides feedback to decision makers on what is working and what isn’t within of the organization. Since it’s difficult, if not impossible, to make correct decisions without relevant and systematized information. Establishing indicators and making decisions will allow to transform the organization into an intelligent company that anticipates change, to discover opportunities and to really understand the people who are part of the organization. The human factor and the experience of people are the engine towards the evolution of companies and the axis of commercial success.

At Dextera we specialize in providing value to our clients not only from a technological point of view but also from a functional point of view, seeking that the collaborator’s experience is accompanied by a process that truly encompasses people’s perspective.

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