Mexico in its process of digitizing Human Resources

Sep 27, 2021


Around the world the coronavirus forced companies to transform and digitize their processes in record times, the world couldn’t stop, therefore, many employees quickly adapted to work from home.

Companies faced new challenges in productivity, commitment, performance evaluation, among others, companies that carried out Human Resources processes on paper were more pressured not to be left behind to ensure compliance was achieved, in addition to taking care of the integrity of your organization’s workforce.

In general, the situation highlighted good performance and productivity during remote work and some companies noticed a visible area of ​​opportunity in this work modality, confirming the permanent home office even when the health crisis subsides; or in some cases companies are evaluating a hybrid form of work, maintaining teleworking with a minimum of twice a week.

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Countries like Mexico had to implement new regulations that protect both employers and workers and now both will have new rights and obligations. The United States and Mexico are two of the countries that best support this evolution towards the home office. And not only the giants of the industry, but also small and medium-sized companies seek to maintain this new culture.

According to Statista data, until June 2021 73% of companies in Mexico work in a home office mode, in fact, 40% of companies estimate that between 26 and 50% of their workforce will remain in this mode. Companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, Kueski and Google, have announced that they will adopt remote work permanently for their workers around the world and will open hiring remotely, except for those positions that need to be physically present for specific reasons, this is approximately 20 – 25%.


OCC Mundial reports some notable benefits such as savings in travel time and money (74%), increased individual responsibility (53%), and better adaptation and work-life balance (48%). Faced with all the benefits of remote work, there are also challenges that many companies weren’t prepared for, they had in mind in the long term or it wasn’t within the job landscape, for example, for people it has been especially difficult to convert their home in their workplace, in some cases some houses were turned into offices, schools and homes overnight. Only 9% of organizations were supporting their employees with some type of subsidy, and many workers felt isolated after an abrupt confinement, the daily routines were confused in a workday without schedules or limits, which led to high productivity, but at the cost of physical and mental exhaustion, which leads to stress and depression in many employees. The future of work came suddenly, leaving aside the opportunity to plan strategies to adjust Human Resources processes to take care of the integrity of workers and seek the best working conditions. This went to the background and little by little companies have been solving these issues according to the needs and opportunities that circumstances allow them.

Today more than ever it became urgent to keep human companies in the middle of an almost instantaneous digitization, to seek that people’s experience is genuine and practical, in order to achieve results, productivity and commitment without compromising well-being and the happiness of the collaborators. How to make employees productive from a distance and at the same time happy, so that they continue to feel part of the company and its culture? We know that people are the business and the experiences that each company provides, impact its growth and the speed with which it adapts to change.

The best way to ensure that productivity and people experience flow together is by knowing what is happening in the organization, having the right tools to receive the innovation of the future of work while focusing on people. Technology platforms must be implemented to match current needs, that is, cloud solutions that allow updated information to be obtained at any time and place.

«In Mexico, cases such as the ABC Medical Center or Rappi have been identified, which recently adopted SAP cloud solutions in order to strengthen their human capital management strategy, streamlining their administration and payroll consolidation processes, as well as promote the professional development of its employees. In the case of Rappi, the adoption took place in Mexico and in countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, where the bulk of its workforce is located » Source: SAP

The Human Resources area must assume the role to implement these technological tools, in order to measure the productivity of each employee, monitor the goals of each member in real time and visualize progress in learning. SAP SuccessFactors is a robust digital platform to control and manage all processes in the Human Resources area, which becomes a strengthening support to measure worker productivity.

Technology platforms such as SAP SuccessFactors allow to direct employees in the right direction, a crucial point in the midst of the uncertainty of Covid-19, helping them meet the objectives of the organization, and increasing their performance to align strategy and performance with the goals.

When employees engage in setting their own goals, they become more committed to achieving those goals, and ongoing dialogue helps them see their progress through the eyes of others, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Resorting to technologies that provide reliable information on the workforce allows us to face challenges with better decisions and with this, to be able to better support collaborators, clients and suppliers, is more than just innovating with technology and software, it’s more than venturing into transformation digital, it’s necessary to involve people, their experience and emotions, to ensure that through them the processes of a company that looks to the future are further enhanced.

Let’s talk about your project, we can help you empower the human talent of your organization.

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