We are experts In SAP SuccessFactors. Payroll and Talent Suite.

We are certified to guide you in the design of Human Capital Management.

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This is what we call a powerful solution

SuccessFactors the technological enabler that speeds up your Human Resources processes:

We are Dextera, a company that started operations as an SAP Partner in Mexico since 2005. Since our beginning we specialize In Human Capital Management – SuccessFactors. Our vision is to help companies give priority to reinventing the experience of their collaborators with a human experience management that together creates the commitment that drives them to obtain the best results.

At Dextera we are experts in SAP SuccessFactors, Payroll and Talent Suite for Human Talent processes from a functional and technical perspective. Leaders as a SuccessFactors Partner in Mexico, the United States, Central and South America, where we have executed projects in more than 16 countries.

This is what we call a powerful solution

Our differentiators

Technological solutions for Human Capital


Real life results from our clients

In the implementation of more than 120 success stories and in 17 years of experience we can demonstrate that all of our clients have noticed different results as:

Up to 20%

In cost reduction per Human Resources transaction by providing employees with self-service tools for administrative tasks.

Up to 15%

In cost reduction of the personnel administration function for each employee through the use of an HR system that is a repository for all employee information.

Up to 15%

In saving time that the manager invests in administrative activities through the use of process automation and approval flows.

Up to 10%

Increase in the productivity of HR administrators (ratio of employees for each HR administrator).

 quantifiable benefits of sap successfactors
with Dextera your company will be able to keep growing

Side by side with Dextera your company will be able to keep growing.

Take the next step, get to know the solution in Payroll, Talent Suite and the technology that SAP SuccessFactors has to offer to accelerate processes.

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