What we do

We are a consulting firm specialized in providing solutions for the human resources department through technology and processes, focused on constant innovation and committed to providing the best service quality to our customers.

Since our creation, 13 years ago, we have contributed to the improvement of human resources and payroll processes through tools of the SAP platform, of which we are Service and Training providers. However, we also have the capability to provide licensing and extend our service offer to the full platform and business lines of SAP’s ERP thanks to our participation in the iTech group.

We are leaders in the implementation of technology focused on the management of human capital in Mexico, the United States and Latin America, thanks to our innovation capabilities and commitment.

Human Resources






Employee Cloning Tool

It provides the capacity to clone employees from a productive environment to a quality environment, including their payroll results. This procedure replicates scenarios for support and tests, securing 100% control of changes in all settings before sending them to a productive environment.

Horizontal Payroll Concepts Report

This report makes exploring payroll information easier than with traditional reports.

Consolidated Organization Report

This report allows you to exploit only the information from the OM module, without making multiple information crosschecks between organizational charts.

Loan Split Function

This function helps the system avoid errors when calculating payroll because of overdrafts, because it automatically makes a split on the master data to take into account loans.

Reports on Mass Overtime Authorization

This transaction helps you authorize overtime for employees, either as payment or as time, and can be unlocked afterwards.

Report to generate End of Month PY Posting Documents

This report generates a policy for the end of the month based on the accounting of a previous payroll, which allows you to add or subtract days from some payroll concepts, and adjust the amounts of days taken into consideration for recurring payments.

Consolidated Time Evaluation Report

It helps you check in a single report the results derived from time and balance accounts, avoiding the use of two or three reports when you have a positive Time Evaluation on SAP.

Automatic Creation of Absence Reports

This report allows you to program the creation of an absence on Infotype 2001 after several days go by with an unjustified absence, or after a certain number of absences. This helps you have automatic consistency between the calculation of time evaluation and payroll.

Justification of Manual Adjustments to IT2011

This function improves the management of messages and the access control to Infotype 2011 Time Events through a screen. A screen is used to record any manual modifications made by supervisors, which avoids mishandling.

Web Service for the Automated Delivery and Reception of Mexican Fiscal e-Invoices (CFDI)

This service provides additional elements, like error detection, information storage, payroll cluster update and transactions for printing the invoice.

Web Service for Employee Loans with the ePesos Platform

With this service, you can interact with the ePesos platform, which employees can use to obtain payroll loans.

Improvements for the Net Guaranteed Pay

This development and configuration allows the user to have an estimate of the Net Guaranteed Pay taking into account income and withholdings.

Comparison of Infonavit Housing Loans vs EBA

This change represents an extension of Infotype 0370 for Infonavit Housing Loans, with an additional field that matches the descriptions for the additional Movement Type. If there are differences with the credit conditions, it creates a new record, limiting the previous one with a new date.

Contrast of EMA (Anticipated Monthly Issuance) and EBA (Anticipated Bimestral Issuance)

This report is able to make comparisons between workers with unmatched names or social security numbers, not registered before IMSS, before the SUA or in the payroll; it can also calculate the differences, movements with unmatched dates in respect to IMSS and in the salaries, as well as with movements not recorded by IMSS, SUA or the payroll, besides differences in Infonavit.

Success Stories


The implementation of our projects, in strict accordance with the methodology provided and constantly updated by SAP, in addition to the experience of our consultants, has positioned Dextera as a leading and very trustworthy consulting firm, which has grown and won the most important projects in our market. These are some success stories from our clients.”

José Luis Martínez
Chief Sales Officer

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